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Mobile Website Design

Mobile Website DesignAn increasing number of people are accessing the Internet through their mobile devices. In fact, mobile browsing has increased by an astounding 1,000 percent between 2009 and 2011. More than 40 percent of respondents to an Opera survey stated that mobile devices were their primary method of accessing the Internet. More than six billion mobile users are currently accessing the Internet through their devices, and a substantial percentage of them are doing so on a daily basis. Avital Web, SEO company in Los Angeles, is adding mobile website design services so that you can meet your customers’ diverse needs.

Mobile devices can keep people connected to all the information they need no matter where they are or what they are doing. They can check on prices, statistics, compare products or even place orders through mobile sites. In order to ensure a site functions properly on a mobile device, however, it must be specifically designed to be accessed by a mobile device. That’s where our mobile website design services come into play.

Websites that have been designed for mobile devices tend to vary from traditional websites in that they are designed to include only essential aspects of the site. They tend to be easier to use, eliminate complex graphics, simplify navigation and take advantage of the phone’s built-in functionality by including click-to-call and other helpful features. Mobile website design essentially pares down your site and includes only the basic information you need to reach your targeted audience so that you don’t lose anything in the translation.

Our experienced SEO firm can help you redesign your site or add a mobile website to your site and assess your organization’s overall Internet marketing needs. Our mobile website design experts can eliminate inconvenient download features, improve accessibility on mobile browsers and provide simple click-to-call features. We can even make your mobile site easy for you to update and manage.

Mobile websites are ideal for corporate websites, booking sites, contact forms, pricing displays, mapping, messaging sites and more. Contact Avital Web today to learn more about how a mobile website can help you improve your users’ experiences and enjoy services that go everywhere they do.