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Internet Marketing

Internet MarketingInternet marketing is far more than just having a good-looking website. In fact, in today's online marketing environment, your website design is the least of your concerns. Comprehensive internet marketing includes all of the following:
•    Website design and ease of use
•    Search engine optimization
•    Blog writing and maintenance
•    Social media marketing
•    Pay per click campaign maintenance
•    Link building
As you can see from this list, Internet marketing requires time, energy, and an appropriate allocation of both human and financial resources. Anything less and your business will lose its competitive edge. Please contact Avital Web, internet marketing company, to learn more about your options.

Does Online Marketing Really Matter?

To answer this question, consider these statistics:
•    78% of people with Internet access use the Internet for product research purposes
•    62% of Americans with web-connected mobile devices buy products through their mobile phones
•    40% of Americans who own smartphones have used their phone while in a store to compare prices online to competitors' prices
•    Companies who maintain blogs get 55% more web traffic than companies who don't
•    57% of companies with blogs have acquired customers due to their blog
•    67% of B2B companies and 41% of business to customer companies report that they have acquired customers through Facebook

It used to be that some businesses felt they could “opt-out” of Internet marketing. They had excuses like, “The age group I market to is not online,” or “Word-of-mouth is still the best generator of business for me.” Today, these excuses no longer hold true. Statistics show that the Internet is no longer the plaything of people in their teens and twenties; in fact, senior citizens are Facebook's most rapidly growing demographic. Furthermore, although word-of-mouth is still incredibly important for getting new business, that word-of-mouth is increasingly happening online. Please contact Avital Web, online marketing company, to learn more about our internet marketing services.

Don't Market Yourself

Unless you have a dedicated internet marketing department with enough bandwidth to handle a full-scale Internet and online marketing campaign, you shouldn't try to manage your Internet marketing on your own.
Instead, hire the Internet marketing professionals at our company. We've been helping our customers manage their Internet marketing for years. As you can see from our portfolio, we've helped numerous businesses climb into the top positions at Google; we can do the same for you. Contact Avital Web, internet marketing company, today to learn more about our online marketing services.


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