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Google AdWords Certified Partner

Google Adwords Certified PartnerA Google AdWords Certified Partner company is Google-certified to manage AdWords accounts. SEO professionals, PPC experts and Internet marketing professionals must qualify according to Google’s guidelines and demonstrate their abilities through Google-administered exams. Once a company has achieved certification, you can be confident that they are fully qualified to manage their clients’ AdWords accounts.

In order to qualify as a Google AdWords Certified Partner company, SEO organizations, such as Avital Web, must have at least one qualified employee and meet Google’s terms and conditions for the program. Once partnership has been established, Google provides its Certified Partner companies with the support and other benefits they need to fully serve their clients. Avital Web, which is a Google AdWords Certified Partner company, provides SEO, Internet marketing strategies and pay-per-click campaigns, such as Google AdWords, in order to help their clients achieve short- and long-term goals and boost targeted traffic.

The pay-per-click campaigns associated with Google AdWords are designed to provide an immediate boost to traffic as websites are waiting on the kind of organic growth that develops from proper search engine optimization. PPC campaigns effectively target potential customers who are looking for the exact products or services your site offers. However, they also require careful management and regular updating. A qualified Google AdWords Certified professional has the in-depth knowledge and experience you need to create, manage and update your campaign for optimal results, which can save you time and money.

Because Google’s AdWords program is entirely customizable, Avital Web can help you design a marketing strategy that is more affordable and efficient. You can even set your own price for your preferred ads and choose how those ads are displayed and paid. Our Los Angeles SEO company can then help you create, schedule and manage your PPC campaign in order to ensure maximum success.

Search engine optimization is essential for long-term success, but PPC campaigns such as AdWords can provide you with an immediate boost in the kind of highly targeted traffic you need to sustain real, long-term growth and secure a spot in Google’s top 10. Contact Avital Web today to learn more about how you can benefit from Google AdWords.